If you have forgotten your identifier, or lost your 2FA, please use our FORGOT IDENTIFIER or LOST 2-FACTOR AUTH pages.

Before contacting us, here are some known issues with LiteVault. Please do not email us about these issues, we are already aware of them.

Known Issues with LiteVault

If you are having issues sending coins, or your balance is incorrect, please make sure to provide the details to us. We cannot help you if you don't tell us your address, the recipient's address, and the amount you're trying to send/receive

Please avoid contacting us about missing transactions or "0 balance". Please CHECK A BLOCK EXPLORER such as SoChain - if your balance shows up fine on there, it will appear in your LiteVault account eventually.

If your transaction does not appear on SoChain, please CONTACT THE EXCHANGE - NOT LITEVAULT. If your balance and transactions are showing up on SoChain, but have not shown up in LiteVault FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS, then you can contact us.